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Sale and rental of equipment

Sale and rental
of equipment

Ricoh and Xerox Multifunctional Equipment and Printers

Enjoy and take advantage of our new service for professionals, which consists of the SALE AND RENTAL of Multifunctional Equipment (Photocopiers + Printers + Scanners) and Printers.

This service is focused on professionals and companies that have printing needs at office level.

The brands we work with are leaders in the market and very recognised by companies. These brands are RICOH and XEROX.

In addition to selling the product itself we will market the MAINTENANCE SERVICE of these equipments. The MAINTENANCE modality will be “Pay per Page”: the client pays according to the number of pages he/she photocopies/prints. And this includes all items (repairs, consumables, travel, parts,…). There are no added surprises or small print.

In addition to the SALE of this equipment, we offer other acquisition modalities:

  • Rental
  • Rental with option to buy

We put at your disposal great facilities at the time of requesting financing. We work with the main financing companies and this will allow those customers who cannot pay in cash to acquire the equipment we offer through renting.

In addition to offering NEW equipment, we can also offer SEMI-NEW equipment. These SEMI-NEW equipment are fully guaranteed as long as they are covered by the aforementioned MAINTENANCE contract.

Request information and/or estimates through our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the information and/or documentation you have requested, without obligation.

We want to make your life easier and that all your time and dedication is focused on your real business.

Ask for a budget:

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    Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email, or if you prefer, we invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.
    We will provide you with a personalised and tailor-made quote in less than 48 hours (subject to the complexity of the quote).

      • Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email.
      • Quote in less than 48 hours (subject to project complexity).
      • Personalised and tailor-made quotation.
      • We invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.