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The world of large format printing in advertising is very wide in terms of all the techniques, machinery, media and technology that can be applied.

In Copyrap we offer you in this catalogue everything you need for you and your company to display or decorate any area where you want to get a good image, thus achieving an excellent promotion, all this will help us to show your products in a really impressive way.

The materials that we can apply for large format printing jobs are very varied: matt paper of various weights, photographic paper, fabric, canvas, vinyl, back light…

We have a wide catalogue of products for equipping your company, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc…

Wall decoration

Vinyl wall murals are a great idea for decorating the walls of your home, business, hotel, office… They are made of high quality vinyl from leading brands and with the highest quality latex printing. Copyrap, has been decorating premises, fairs and events of all kinds for more than 20 years, so we are very specialised in decoration and interior design.

Adhesive labels on reel

Printing of stickers on reels for packaging and products with high quality printing and finishing, made of polypropylene and paper adhesives.

Large format  banners

The printing of large format canvases is one of the main elements to boost your company’s advertising strategy, as it generates a high impact of visualisations among the public.


Mupis are advertising supports installed on urban furniture elements located in the most central places of our cities.

Traditionally, they are advertisements printed digitally on paper with dimensions of 120x175cm, which are the same as those of the support and which cover it in its entirety. The printing technique used depends on the number of units produced.

Decorative vinyls

Perfect for covering any smooth, curved or irregular surface, from vehicles to shop windows, from floors to walls. Made in high quality vinyl from leading brands and with the highest quality latex printing.

Displays: Roll up, Pop up

We have different Displays, according to your needs, from Roll Up of different sizes, which can be adjusted to any need of our clients, to Pop Up, Photocall type of bigger
size. One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that it is very easy to transport, very common when it comes to presentations, trade fairs, etc…

Rigid supports

Rigid printing materials are the best complement for signage, you can combine your vinyl or paper printing with any of our supports: cardboard, pvc, dibond, aluminium, methacrylate…

You can also print directly on any of the desired supports.

 Textiles and flying banners

We manufacture and print flags with the logo of your company, design, club, slogan, in short, any personalised design you request and the colours you indicate.


The billboard is one of the oldest elements used to carry out advertising campaigns, publicising a commercial brand, its products, promotional offers, parties, or simply a local business or its location.

Billboard printing will be done on high quality paper or vinyl to keep your advertising looking as good as the first day.

Acid vinyl

Acid-etched vinyl is a type of translucent vinyl that reduces the intensity of light and retains part of the sun’s UV rays. It is widely used to sign the windows of business premises and offices.

Full colour printing is possible. (Posibilidad de impresion a todo color).

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    • Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email.
    • Quote in less than 48 hours (subject to project complexity).
    • Personalised and tailor-made quotation.
    • We invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.