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Offset Printing Services: business and premium cards, folders and subfolders with flaps, cheque books, seals, office material, cheap flyers and brochures, posters, stickers, badges and magnets, cheap wristbands, coasters, table mats, door hangers…

The most economical system for printing a large number of copies.

The main advantages of offset printing are the high quality of the images, its use on different surfaces, the reproduction of the details of the image is 100% faithful and it is the most economical system for projects of large and medium print runs.

Catalogues & Dossiers

A company’s catalogue is essential to present the products it offers and to present them in the best possible way.

Getting attention with the catalogue is important in order to sell the products at the right time.

With offset printing you can print a large number of catalogues at a really low price and with a professional quality.

Corporate stationery

Having a unified corporate image that transmits the values of your company is fundamental. To achieve this, corporate stationery also has to show off your company’s colours and shapes.

Print all types of stationery documents such as stamps, dossiers, envelopes, letters, folders, etc… with our offset printing company in Malaga.

Get the best prices with professional quality printing.


If you need to print a large volume of posters, offset printing is your best option.

You will get the highest professional quality on the market to make your company stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience.

Business cards

Business cards are a very important product in the communication of any company or business. It is the starting point for making yourself known to new customers. Therefore, we know the importance of this element, and for this reason, we are specialists in the design, creation and printing of business cards.

You can make your business cards with a standard size or with the shape you want, you can choose between the different cardboards we have: laid, textile effect, kraft or recycled paper, metallised, translucent plastic.

You can even give it the finish of your choice: laminated, special softouch laminates. Apply a UV varnish to give 3D relief in certain specific areas.

You come up with the idea and we make it a reality!


Envelopes are a tool widely used in the presentation of budgets, contracts, letters of presentation, etc. They are a very important element for companies within their corporate identity. Print your envelopes in full colour on both sides to give a spectacular image.


A personalised placemat is a message that we transmit to our diners. This message can be a specific offer, a game of pastimes for children, a menu card, etc.

Whatever the message is, we must take advantage of those minutes face to face with our ideal client and tell them something that will help us to grow in the hospitality sector. Full colour printing will always help to get the message across in the right way and if we also take into account the paper used, it will be a whole cocktail of information.

Letterhead Paper

Letterheads are widely used in the presentation of budgets, contracts, letters of presentation, etc. It is a very important element for companies within their corporate identity. It is usually printed on 80 or 90 gsm paper for good writing.

Menu cards

An essential element in the restaurant and hotel industry are the menus. We have many models and formats of digitally printed menus such as diptychs, triptychs, folded, stapled, encapsulated, hard cover, rigid cardboard, die-cut, etc. We are at the forefront when it comes to print media, we work with recycled paper, water resistant, textured, gloss or matte and with availability of finishes such as uvi varnish or metallic print.


We print your personalised folders that you can use both to professionalise your corporate image and to organise your company’s documentation. They are most commonly used in meetings and conferences to show your clients material with our services and promotions.

We have a wide range of paper types with which to print your personalised folders, and in terms of format you can choose between options with or without flaps, with slits to include a business card, with a closing flap, etc.


Calendars are an essential promotional product.

A useful and attractive calendar will be kept by your customers for a full year and will serve to include your contact information and the services you offer. Given the obvious usefulness that the printed calendar has for your customers, it is a durable and non-invasive advertising medium, people will keep it with appreciation and will always have your business at hand as if it were a business card.

Types of Calendars:

  • Wall Calendars.
  • Desk Calendars.
  • Pocket Calendars.


A cheque book is a printed document with several copies grouped together that is often used for a variety of purposes.

In companies, they are often used as corporate material to keep a record of the company’s activities such as: Invoice sheets, delivery notes, delivery notes, order sheets, receipts, discount sheets, etc…

They can be of various sizes, A4, A, A6, etc…. and are usually supplied in blocks of 50 or 100 sheets consisting of the original plus one or two copies in various colours.

The notepads have a dotted line for easy tearing of the sheets.

Notepads are an equally widespread resource in companies as they reinforce the corporate image.

They are glued and are mainly distributed in blocks of 50 or 100 sheets.

This type of printed advertising is usually used to distribute among our clients so that they have at their disposal sheets to write on which our logo and general data appear as a reference.

They are also in great demand as prescription sheets in doctors’ surgeries, clinics and specialities.

They can have a grid or lines to facilitate writing or be plain.

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    • Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email.
    • Quote in less than 48 hours (subject to project complexity).
    • Personalised and tailor-made quotation.
    • We invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.