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Copy and photocopying services in Málaga: photocopying, binding, document digitalisation, adhesive labels, laminating, stamps, cd recording and manipulation.

Photocopies Malaga

We print your files from any format (CD, DVD, SD card, USB, Email…), in black and white or full colour. All our copies are made on top quality paper. We have the latest technology machinery to guarantee the quality of your work.

  • Photocopies on paper of different weights and colours.
  • Photocopies on gloss or matt adhesive, transparency or 330 micron magnet.
  • Transparent or white polylaser photocopies.

Use our Copicloud service to print from any place and device, up to 50% discount!


We bind your work and copies with a wide variety of back and front covers.

  • Ideal systems for dossiers and presentations: Spiral, Wire-o, Chanel/Press, Paperback (milled and glued) and Cartoné.
  • Stitching and gluing to give your final work the best presentation.
  • We produce theses and dissertations with gold or silver covers.
  • We also bind normal booklets (A5 and A4) and periodicals.


Protect your prints from liquids or scratches with laminates of different microns and gloss or matt finishes. Laminates for ID cards, A5, A4 and A3.

We also laminate your work on both sides, 26 microns, perfect to give your cards a longer life. Our team recommends this option for jobs with creases made on paper weighing more than 170 grs.


We finish your work with optimum quality:

  • Punching
  • Stapling
  • Folding
  • Corner rounding
  • Gluing
  • Embossing
  • Creasing
  • Shrinking

Colour printing of plans

At Copyrap we copy and print your plans using the latest technology, with digital, Inkjet or Latex printing quality, from DIN A4 to DIN A0+. We also offer a cutting and folding service.

For a perfect presentation of your work, we have folders and covers in our stationery section. We make reductions and enlargements between 25% and 400%.


We make rubber stamps in wood or automatic stamps, for companies and individuals, date stamps, numbering stamps, forms, etc. There is the possibility of including signatures, texts and images (600 dpi) or vectorised logos. We have inks of all types of colours and invisible inks, can only be seen with ultraviolet light, as well as all types of pad refills.

*Try our new Automatic Rubber Stamps with Colour Printing*

  • Stamps: 22×60 cm., 18×50 cm. y 14×30 cm.
  • Square stamps: 30×30 cm., 20×20 cm.
  • Loyalty stamps: 12×12 cm.

Email and Fax Service

From all our centres you can send and receive your e-mails or FAXES with total security.

Pen drive, CD and DVD recording and Printing

  • We personalise from 1 unit in full colour on CDs, DVDs, CD Cards.
  • With data recording included if you need it.
  • Personalised Pen Drive available.
Contact with us

Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email, or if you prefer, we invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.
We will provide you with a personalised and tailor-made quote in less than 48 hours (subject to the complexity of the quote).

    • Send us your enquiry and we will contact you by phone or email.
    • Quote in less than 48 hours (subject to project complexity).
    • Personalised and tailor-made quotation.
    • We invite you to visit our Copyrap Centres.