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Our company was founded in 1993 by Juan Carballo Santiago.
We opened our first shop in Malaga, where we began to offer a careful service to our first customers.

Thanks to the trust that these customers placed in our good work, today we can offer you a network of professional centres that provide integral graphic solutions for companies and individuals.

Juan Carballo Santiago

Consulting and technology

Currently, Copyrap has become a company in continuous growth, with six of its own centres and incorporating an area of expansion through franchises.

These centres have an area of advice and attention to the franchisee, to support and resolve all doubts. We are moving forward to create a solid network of franchised centres, led by people with a dynamic spirit and who are looking to form part of a profitable and consolidated project.

We also want to help strengthen existing businesses in the copy, graphic design, stationery and photography sectors.
At Copyrap we are committed to the best technology, backed by major brands that support us with the best and most modern technology.

360° service

All Tailor-made Solutions

We carry out all types of work: copy service, digital printing, offset, large format signage, lettering, advertising advice, decoration, marketing, advertising gifts, stationery, office supplies, graphic design…